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Sales Rep Bozeman/ Big Sky

Juliet was born in Jackson Hole, WY and grew up in Costa Rica.  She moved to Bozeman when she was seventeen, finished High School there, and went to MSU, where she graduated with a degree in Film and Television.  While working in restaurants in MT and CA, she was exposed to a greater variety of wines.  She loves learning about wine, as it has so much history, culture and place associated with it, plus you can drink it!    


Juliet loves travel, history, and people, all things that go beautifully with wine.  Her favorite wines are old-world wines, Italian reds, French rose, and Spanish sparkling, but really, she loves it all. In her spare time, Juliet loves getting outside to play with her family, boating, skiing, and hiking. She also loves to garden and draw.  Juliet is fluent in Spanish and wants to learn French.




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