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Keg Line Cleaning

Daniel grew up on a farm in Florence, Montana, right outside of Missoula. His mother was a hardworking stay-at-home mom who encouraged reading and education, while his father taught him that minor allergies to bailing hay were a learning experience.    At dinner, his parents would always have different bottles of red wine and would only have a glass each before they retired to doing homework and watching late-night TV.   He learned a love for wine from his grandfather, Floyd, who experimented with making his own.  He used huckleberries and hibiscus and tweaked his recipe until his passing.  They hold his last bottle at the family home alongside the many pictures of his fishing and hunting trips. 


Dan’s mother asks him for new wine recommendations every time they meet, and he is always confident in recommending a glass or bottle from Winegardner’s.  She’s given nothing but praise to the Winegardner’s portfolio, and she should know as she’s tasted wine from France to California and Washington.   Daniel may just be a farm boy who grew up on goat's milk and elk meat, but he knows that when he takes his mom out for dinner, he can always find her the perfect French red. 

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