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Sales Bozeman / Big Sky

Emily was born and raised in upstate New York and moved to Bozeman in 2009 to attend Montana State University where she studied Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems.  After college, she worked at a natural foods market in Portland where she was able to visit vineyards in Willamette Valley regularly and began to learn more about wine and began her own study. With her background in sustainable agriculture, she found common ground with winemakers who boasted good land stewardship through organic, sustainable, and biodynamic farming. She made the move back to Montana where she worked closely with Winegardner’s Wines through her work at the Community Food Co-op and was eager to join the Winegardner’s team in early 2022.


Emily’s favorite wine is whatever she hasn’t tried yet.  She rarely buys the same bottle twice; there is so much wine in the world, and she wants to explore as much as she can. If you twist her arm though, she’ll never turn down Grower Champagne or Cru Beaujolais.


In Emily’s spare time she likes to explore with her dog Freddie, taking part of a veritable plethora of outdoor Montana activities (skiing, fishing, paddleboarding in the mountain lakes), any arts and crafts project, and going to concerts. Emily is also a local pub-trivia host and is absolutely full of sometimes useless, but generally fun facts.



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