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Sales Missoula / Bitterroot

A Montana native, Aidan grew up in Billings, and graduated with a Marketing degree from the University of Montana in Missoula.

Her love for wine stemmed from working in the food and beverage industry. She started serving and bartending in college, and later became the Marketing Director for the restaurant where she was working. She also worked in fine dining restaurants where pairing food and wine together was emphasized. While taking wine, beer and liquor classes, it was always the wine classes she found fascinating because there was always something new to learn, and she’s excited to continue to learn more about the industry. (Also, her favorite documentary is Somm!)

Aidan has always loved a full bodied red, but as of late she’s been branching out and trying lighter reds and whites. Her favorite wine at the moment is Ambyth Rosé. (Which is so fun and unique!) In her spare time, she likes to hang out with her wiener dog, Bert, travel, cook, ski, and attend football games. Go Griz!

(406) 671-2927

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