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Nick was born and raised in Michigan.  He served in AmeriCorps in Washington State, North Carolina, and Michigan. After four years of service, he moved to Texas, where he switched from doing construction to telecommunications work.  His career then moved him to New Mexico before the pandemic moved him back to Michigan.   He moved to Montana to continue his education and stumbled into a career in wine after graduating.


Nick’s favorite wine in a smooth Pinot Noir without too much of a bite.   In his spare time, he has an interest in music and film history and wrote my Master’s thesis on the movies that Motown made in the 1970s and 80s. He also likes to build computers and spend time talking to his siblings about fun video games.  He likes walking with his girlfriend to the Hip Strip in Missoula to enjoy a drink or a movie at the Roxy and enjoys a good meal at Conflux or Zoo Thai with friends.  Nick loves to travel.   His favorite vacation so far has been to Japan.  He has also traveled to Bolivia, Kenya, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and of course Canada since it was so close to where he grew up.




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