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Shannon was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He can be called the jack of all trades, from his time spent bartending through college to building tennis courts and even computer programming and project management.  However, he found his love for the drinks industry when working as a distiller and warehouse manager for a craft vodka, whiskey, and specialty liquor company in Dripping Springs, TX.  He moved to Bozeman in 2019 with his family to find more time for, and to further his love for, the outdoors.  Shannon was excited to get back into the industry, this time in wine.   Shannon’s favorite wines are big, bold reds. When not sipping vino, he also enjoys Single Malt Scotch and craft cocktails.  In his spare time, Shannon likes to harass his wife, his two girls, and his two dogs.  He enjoys skiing, traveling, mowing grass, and shoveling snow. Yes, he’s a bit sarcastic.

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