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Sales Bozeman, Livingston, West Yellowstone

Born and raised in Logan, Utah, Maria took her first sip of wine at 19, and she was in love.  She became even more interested in the wine industry when she started working in a wine bar in Whitefish, MT.  Since then, she’s done a lot of work in restaurants, which continued to develop her appreciation and love for wine.  She had always hoped that her experience in restaurants would take her to another position the wine industry, and it finally did! 

Maria is constantly learning and appreciating different wines but is partial to old world wines, especially Italian wines.

In her spare time, she loves to travel, and scuba diving has been the one hobby that has taker her all over the world (she’s a certified master scuba diver).  In addition, she loves yoga, skiing, fly fishing, and everything outdoors.  Next time you see her, ask her to juggle (she used to perform)!

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